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$250 Western Boot Barn Gift Voucher

Save the worry of what present to get for your friends and loved ones.

Buy them a Gift Voucher from Western Boot Barn, giving them the freedom to choose from hundreds of top quality western, work, biker and fashion boots with free delivery throughout Australia and New Zealand.

They will thank you for it.



Most of our footwear is not made to Australian sizing but to American and some to European.

American sizes for Ladies are the same as Australian.

American sizes for Men are about half a size smaller than Australian; so if you normally wear an Australian men’s 8½ then your American size will most likely be 9.

Please refer to the Size Chart tab for more information.

If you are unsure of your size, then please do the following:

  • Put a blank piece of paper on an uncarpeted floor with the short edge against the wall
  • Stand bare foot on the paper with your heel touching the wall
  • Have someone else make a pencil mark on the paper at the end of your longest toe
  • Measure the distance in centimetres between the pencil mark and the edge of the paper that was touching the wall
  • Refer to the Size Chart tab to find the size corresponding to the length of your foot

The Size Chart has been prepared with the best available information but does not guarantee fit

The letters represent width.

For ladies, we stock B, C, M, W
B and M represent a medium or more narrow width
C and W represent a wider width
Australians generally have wider feet than our American cousins, so we choose to stock C or W width when possible.
However, you will find the majority of ladies shoes available on the market today are made to B or M width.

For men, we carry D, M, E, EE, EEE, EW, W
D, M and E represent a more narrow fit
EE, EW and W stand for a wider fit
Occasionally we stock EEE, which is very wide
Just about all our men's footwear is supplied in one of the wider sizes

Please be careful to choose the size you think is right for you.

When trying them on for the first time, do it on a carpet so as not to damage the sole.

It sometimes helps to put a plastic bag over your foot to more easily slide into a new pair of boots.
If they feel comfortable but firm on the foot then that should be OK as the upper will relax.
In case the boots feel uncomfortably tight across the top of your foot, there are products available to help leather stretch.

Don’t worry if there is slippage at the heel as that is normal in a new pair of boots.
As you wear them in and the boots relax to the shape and movement of your feet, that slippage goes away. 

If the boots feel too wide, then you can look at getting an insole from a good boot repairer or shoe shop.

However, if your toes are touching the end of the shoe or there is too much gap at the heel then you probably need to get a different size. In that case, you will find a returns form with your new boots explaining how to return them for exchange. We will happily send you another pair of a different size of your choosing, as long as the product you return is in the same good condition as you received them, in the original packaging and all inside a large outer envelope for protection.

We recommend Collonil shoe care products, which we stock to match the boots we sell and offered as you go to checkout.

Please look to buy a boot jack to help better take your boots off and save from having to push down on the heel of the boot with your other foot.

If your boots get wet then it is important to not put them in front of a heat source to dry as this will damage the leather.

Buy boots fit for purpose. So, just as you wouldn't drive your Ferrari across a ploughed field, so your full leather dress boots should not be used for working in the garden.

Well cared for boots will last for years, providing excellent long term value.

Western Boot Barn is 100% online.

All orders are dispatched from our warehouse in Sydney, Australia.

We do not have a place where boots can be tried on before buying.

You are always welcome to call us on 02 8039 2252 or through our Contact Page

We only accept orders for goods that are immediately available from our Sydney warehouse.

Orders placed before midday Sydney time are shipped on the same business day, otherwise the following business day.

Full details can be found here on our Shipping Policy page

Yes, we accept returns for exchange or full refund.

Full details can be found here on our Returns Policy page

When you purchase this Gift Voucher, Western Boot Barn will automatically send an email to the lucky recipient with your message, details of the gift voucher and instructions for what to do, as follows:

Instructions for using a Gift Voucher 

  • At the checkout page, click 'Redeem Voucher' to enter the voucher code and secret key.
  • The value of the voucher will be added as credit available on your account.
  • Enter the amount of available credit you want to apply to the order.
  • Any outstanding balance on the order needs to be paid with the payment methods available on Western Boot Barn.
  • If the entire voucher value is not spent in a single transaction, the remaining balance will be available on your account as credit for future use.
  • The full value of this voucher must be used within 3 years of date of issue.

Please note that a Gift Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash but can be refunded to the original purchaser if not used. The Voucher Code and Secret Key must not be divulged to anyone other than the recipient of the voucher email and this remains the responsibility of that person.

Brand Gift Voucher

The Size Chart has been prepared with the best available information but does not guarantee fit.

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