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Australian Boot Styles: Our Top Picks

A boot lover is usually faced with only one problem: which one to pick today? Boots stand out because of their boldness, sturdy construction, and versatility for so many uses. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down as you desire.

Appearance or purpose can broadly classify Australian boots. That notwithstanding, it can further be divided into men's boots and female boots or work boots and casual boots. There are also laced boots and elastic boots, and leather or suede boots. 

Biker Boots

Biker boots are sturdy boots for the biker, perfectly designed for long days on the bike.

For men, we like this edgy biker boot with an attitude. As one of our most popular biker boots, customers love to wear this boot. We think you’ll enjoy it. The Harness Biker Boot is classic.

For women, we think this Sendra Biker Fashion boot is worth checking out!

Western Boots

The classic Western boot...otherwise known as a cowboy a staple boot and one of our most popular offerings. The modern western boots have left the fields and gone into stores. There are a variety of styles, designs, heights, and colors to pick from. There are quite a few well known brands that make quality boots, and these are some of our favorites.

Work Boots

Work boots are important for protecting your feet in demanding jobs. Inclusion of steel toes, non-slip soles, and sturdy construction help give you protection while still being light enough to work effectively. As the name implies, work boots are for heavy duty purposes, typically worn by people who work in hazardous environments such as construction sites, horse farming, or mining areas. These shoes are typically designed with a steel toe for health and safety reasons.

Riding Boots

Boots made specifically for riding are lightweight, sturdy, non-slip, and allow your feet to firmly grasp the stirrup. We have a range of these riding boots available for both men and women. Find the style you like best!

Dingo Boots

The classic Australian boot, the Dingo is a sturdy boot perfect whether in the outback or not. We have a few popular offerings that have proven to be surefire favorites over the years.

City/Fashion Boots

Of course, not all boots have to be built for the outdoors. We stock a huge variety of boots meant for the city: great fashion, able to be dressed up or down.

A boot lover is usually faced with the quagmire of how to design it to suit the occasion. Boots stand out because of its versatility and flexibility. It can be dressed up or dressed down as one desires. While some boots are idiosyncratic, others are multipurpose. Even the traditional western boot was made for horse riding and has evolved into the stylish and substantial piece of a fashionista's wardrobe. 



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