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How to Style Your Women's Cowboy Boots

Womens cowboy boots have become one of the coolest accessory in a women’s closet. The good thing about cowboy boots is they can be the most versatile footwear a girl can have and they never seem to go out of style. Once you find a pair, the possibilities are endless! From shorts to skirts to dresses, boots can go with anything. You just need to style them the right way and you’ll be able to rock them!

We have gathered several ways on how to wear your favourite womens cowboy boots. Be inspired and choose the style that suits you.

Cowboy Boots with Jeans

Today’s women’s boots are more intricate and detailed. The most classic way to wear a pair of cowboy boots are with jeans. Show off womens boots new styles and design by partnering them with your favourite jeans. Since the boots are usually wide around the leg, they’ll look good with skinny jeans or straight cut jeans. There are two ways to do this, it just depends on your personal style and the type of jeans you prefer. Wear them under your jeans or over your jeans. Try out this style by pairing with a simple leather jacket or a knit sweater.

Cowboy Boots with Denim Shorts

This look proves you can wear your boots all summer long. Pairing boots with shorts is a great way to flatter your legs and can be an alternative to wearing heels which can feel too dressy. This is a great combination for elongating and showing off your legs. If you’re conscious about your legs, you can cover them up with black tights or pantyhose. You just want to make sure that you get the length of your shots right.

Cowboy Boots with Skirt

Cowboy boots can go with just about any type of skirt. This pairing gives you another great opportunity to show off your boots design and style. You don’t need to go big just because you’re wearing a skirt, you can pair it with a simple brown or black pair of boots to show some character. The length of the skirt also matters, you’re going to want to leave some space between the top of the boot and the hem of the skirt.

Cowboy Boots with Dress

Cowboy boots are great with dresses because they add a bit of spunk to an otherwise simple dress. Look extra cute by pairing your cowboy boots with a classic and simple dress or an airy, flowery dress. Want to be a little different on your wedding day? More and more women are making a statement on their wedding day by wearing bridal boots. Bridal boots look gorgeous with tea length dress but can also be worn with full length gowns. Wearing boots with a dress can really give it a completely different style, you can dress up a casual dress or dress down a formal dress with the same boots.

Although the attires to pair your cowboy boots are endless, there are still some things to avoid.

  1. Don’t wear them with a loud outfit – The secret is to keep the rest of your look simple. Cowboy boots make a statement of their own, so let them be the focus.
  2. Avoid going denim from top to toe – When wearing western boots, topping off a denim on denim with cowboy boots is stretching it a bit.

A well selected pair of cowboy boots can be combined with other apparel in almost any way to fit your specific style needs. Be creative in your outfit choices and feel free to improvise! The important thing is that no matter what attire you choose, you feel comfortable and that you like what you’re wearing.

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